Flower Essences - a substance prepared from a flowering plant and used therapeutically for its alleged beneficial effects on mood, outlook, etc.

To me creating a flower essence is a sacred craft not to be taken lightly. I wait for the ideal cloudless day. I let go of my rush rush mentality for that time. I center myself and give all my positive healing energy to it. These essences are to help people. My focus needs to be on that.

If the clouds come there is no "salvaging" it, it's not usable "period". Wait for another day. I am not "big business" this is not a "business". This is a calling. I do it as taught to me with all the integrity I have.

I only choose four flowers or less at time, all from my garden and the land around me. Again it's about the process. It's about patience and the practice. Good intentions. Infusing energy.

When coming up with the "description" what the essence is I look at the usually sources. Does it fit? Is that is what the flower is telling me? Sometimes it is and sometimes not. When it's not I do deeper meditation to hear/feel the essence of this flower that grew in my garden. No two things are alike why would we treat flower essences all the same.

I keep the description short. I want it to appeal to you on whatever level it needs to. It will call to you or not.

"Essence of Flower
Give your Power
To help the one in need
Let you be the seed
~Blessed Be"