A hands on learner Jennifer began her herbal apprenticeship with Charles Cochrane of the Silver Willow in Rehoboth MA in 2009.  She went on to intern with Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs in Providence RI.  She continues to learn and enthusiastically brings her passion for herbs and learning to her teaching.  

She has been teaching beginner herbal classes for several years now throughout Southern New England. See Events for upcoming classes. 

The Garden which became before the apprenticeship started with pots of common Kitchen Herbs and has morphed into an herbal teaching garden with over 75 different herbs.   Herbs in the garden are harvest for both their Medicinal properties and their Magical Properties.  You can find Jenza's Garden Herbs & Flower Essences at The Magical Connection in Harrisville RI, Bewitch of Scituate in Scituate RI &  A Touch of Magick in Uxbridge MA.

Broom Maker


Jennifer has been crafting custom brooms/ besoms since 2009. 

When  she couldn’t find a broom that wasn’t made in China for her own use Jennifer found Charlie Martel a Broom Maker in  Manchester NH to teach her. She has been crafting them ever since. Jennifer understands how special a broom can be and makes sure she only lets good intentions flow into the broom as she weaves them.

For those who want to make their own brooms/besoms she holds classes. To schedule your own class contact:  The Magical Connection in Harrisville RI, Bewitch of Scituate in Scituate RI &  A Touch of Magick in Uxbridge MA.

Brooms by Jenza's Garden 

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Labyrinth Facilitator



A labyrinth is a meandering path with a singular path leading to a center. There is one way in and one way out.

You begin a labyrinth walk at the entrance and proceed along the path. Lines define the path. By the time you make it to the center you have travelled half the distance. It is common to pause in the center taking as long as you want before turning around, and walking the path back out. 

Labyrinths are used for many reasons:





Finding Balance

Asking Questions 

Healing Pilgrimages 

Spiritual Growth 

Clarity and much more.

They are for people of all faiths.

As a Veriditas Trained Facilitator Jennifer helps enrich the Labyrinth experience.  She is  trained to introduce the Labyrinth in both meditative walking and ceremonial use. 

See Services for Labyrinth Rentals.  

Check out the event page for upcoming events or contact to schedule your own event.

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December 4th

Yuletide Broom/Besom Workshop, Scituate RI

6pm - 8pm

Bewitched of Scituate

Event Details

December 4th

Yuletide Broom/Besom Workshop, Scituate RI

Limit 2, $100 per person. To find out more go to Facebook or Bewitched of Scituate

6pm - 8pm

Bewitched of Scituate

November 30th

Mindfulness Wilderness Walk & Meditation

10am - 12pm

Pulaski State Park, Chepatch RI

Event Details

November 30th

Mindfulness Wilderness Walk & Meditation

 Take time to for yourself and disconnect. Join us in the forest to reconnect to yourself.   To sign up go to Facebook.

1st part. Forest Bathing. You will be guided on a walk through the trees to ground and open yourself up. This will be done alone (though you will never be too far from someone else) and silently.  No phones. No talking. This is the time to open up your senses.  We walk the trail once as a group to familiarize everyone with it before you will all go alone spaced out.  
Trail level: EASY

2nd part. It's Self Exploring time. Time to go off and explore park and/or yourself. Take time for yourself to reflect upon the mediated walk you just took.  Bring a journal. Bring a blanket to sit on, there are benches though. Take a walk around the pond with a friend. Go off alone.  Experience the labyrinth on the beach.  At this time it's ok to take out your phone for PICTURES ONLY!! We are DISCONNECTING.

Victoria and Jenza will be holding space for you the whole time never too far away.

3rd part. We gather as a group to reflect upon our experiences. To make Connection.

$20 per person.

WEAR: BLAZE ORANGE!!  This is an OUTDOOR EVENT. Dressing Warmly. Hats, Layers. Check weather before you come. Wear proper footwear. 

10am - 12pm

Pulaski State Park, Chepatch RI

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